School Projects & Programs

Pearl Vocational Training College offers the following One Year Certificate Courses to our beneficiaries:
1. Tailoring, Garments and Fashion Designing Engineering.
2 .Cosmetology and Hair Dressing
3. Art and Craft Engineering
4 .Filming and Photography
5. Gardening and Farm Management
6 .Bridal ( decorations and Designs) and Events Management
7. Building and Bricks Engineering.
8 .Functional Adult Literacy (Reading and Writing skills for adults who missed school)

9.Music,Dance and Drama (Dance, Guitar and Piano Lessons)
10.Certificate in Catering

11.Humanist Celebrants’ Training.

Entry Requirements for the Above Courses:
Pearl Humanists intend to empower all individuals  academically left behind.Because we want to provide skills that work and specifically skills beyond the usual classroom, we shall enroll all students regardless of their academic qualification, sex and age.We want to see our students getting skills and using them to earn a living so we give opportunity to all to attain a survival skill.Academically qualified students who want to attain UBTVET recognized certificates will be enabled to achieve them.

The following are Compulsory Subjects:

Computer Lessons,Business English, English Language, Finance Literacy, Agro Business skills, and Critical Thinking and Analysis Skills which includes Debates.

The Following are Future Courses Planned:
1.Textile Science/ Shoe and Hands Bags Making
2.Welding and Metal Fabrication
3.Beauty Products Making (Herbal  soap,  and shampoo making)
4.National Diploma in Ceramics Engineering
5.National Diploma in Civil Engineering.
6. Carpentry


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