Sponsor a Student

Our students are needy and greatly disadvantaged impoverished children, youth, women and young mothers in our rural communities. They need to learn a survival skill and later on get empowered with some start up capital ( seed money or equipments depending on course taken) to enable them start a new and better life empowering themselves and empowering many more others within their communities. To sponsor a student for a year, we kindly request you to contribute at least $ 800 ear marked to sponsor a student of your choice. Kindly remember that your $800 contribution can even be made on a monthly basis by contributing only $ 67 every month. This amount caters for school fees, feeding, accommodation ( for those who come from far away villages), scholastic materials, materials for practical lessons, uniform and field work tours and start up capital of atleast $300 ( which will be saved from your contribution)  to enable a student buy some start up equipment such as a sewing machine, saloon equipment( any other depending on the course taken) etc .

Remember, our courses do not exceed one year, this means that with your noble contribution of $800 dollars  in a whole year, you will have enabled one desperate person get a new lease of life and live a better life and better lives of so many others there after. Please check here, the profile of students we have identified for your noble support. You will be placed in touch with a student of your choice and you will be able to regularly communicate with him or her and closely monitor their career development and you will definitely feel part of their transformation with your support. Our sponsors have the opportunity to visit Uganda and physically link up with their students.

After you decide which child you would like to sponsor, please complete the Sponsorship Pledge Form .



Contact us on pearlhumanist@gmail.com or kato.mukasa@iheyo.org   or +256 772 57 6635. Thanks for choosing to empower a deserving learner to get a practical survival skill in just one year.


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