Teachers Fund

About 95% of our learners can not afford tuition yet their teachers expect to be facilitated to deliver their services. We therefore must pay them a little salary to keep them going as we work out measures to pay them a better salary befitting their noble contribution. We now appeal to you to support us in that direction. This appeal mainly goes to those individuals who cannot afford sponsoring a child by contributing $ 800 needed to keep a learner in school  ( having school fees and all necessary requirements throughout the year). Thus you may consider making a general donation toward the Teachers’ Salary Fund.  This fund provides education for many other orphan students, young mothers and disadvantaged youths who don’t have sponsors yet.

Majority of our students had previously dropped out of school due to financial hardships and they need employable skills which we are currently providing. By supporting the Teachers’ Salary Fund you sponsor more than one student and just like sponsoring a Student, this too is a noble idea. We need $12,000 to pay salaries of 5 trainers and 3 administrators in a full year, thus any contribution you make goes a long a long way in keeping several learners in school.

A Vocational Training Teacher’s salary for a month:      $200

A Vocational Training Teacher’s salary for a trimester:  $600

A Vocational Training Teacher’s salary for a year:        $1,800

To sponsor a teacher, please email or contact :

pearlhumanist@gmail.com or kato.mukasa@iheyo.org  or +256 772 57 6635. Thanks for choosing to empower a deserving learner to get a practical survival skill in just one year.



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