Young Mothers

These young mothers are requesting for your support to enable them learn a skill that will turn their lives for better, with just $ 800 you will be that person to make a difference is the live of many people by supporting only one young mothers.Kindly check out their profiles and pick who to support….


Kisakye Agnes

Kisakye Agnes



My name is Agnes Kisakye, aged 15 years. I solely depend on a single mother who is helpless at the moment. I dropped out of school in senior two for two main reasons.
First, my mother can no longer afford accommodation in Kivulu slum later on feed us, we lost free accommodation from a Pastor’s rental when my mother fell out with him.Besides, my mother can not even afford to feed the four of us in the city.
Secondly, my mother can no longer afford to pay even the other half of the school fees. HALEA was paying part of my tuition but now, without my mother raising the other part of tuition and without us having any accommodation,dropping out of school has been inevitable.
I was informed of Pearl Vocational Training College, a partner organisation with HALEA and they offered me a course in Hair Dressing and Fashion Designing. I love keeping people smart and I believe it is a course I will do well and earn a living and support my family. I now request well-wishers to take me on, to support me with $800 to join Pearl Vocational School and complete this one year course and I have been told that they will even give me capital in terms of tools and equipment to start my old Saloon and Dressing Designing shop.
Looking for a sponsor, please be one; thanks for the kind heart. By providing my fees, you would have really adopted me, you would have given me another lease on life.

Shakira Nabwami

Shakira Nabwami


Brenda Nabwami is 19 years old single mother of one child.She dropped out of school in 2009, she stopped in senior two.Her dream is to complete a one year training course in Hair Dressing and Cosmetology at Pearl Vocational Training College. She is appealing to sponsors to enable her realise her dream and earn own income. She says: ” I appeal to all people of kind heart and generosity to support me raise $800 dollars to go back to school, learn a practical skill and  also be able to acquire some tools to start a hair dressing shop.This will enable me survive on my own without begging and relying on men who simply want to exploit me….”

Brenda Nantambi

Brenda Nantambi

Brenda Nantambi is 18 years single mother of 0ne.She dropped out of school in senior two in 2013.She is seeking a sponsor to support her with $800 to complete a course in Hair dressing at Pearl Vocational Training College. She says: This course will give me a complete new life and with the knowledge and capital I will have obtained, I will be able to cater for my self, my child and several other siblings who look up to me for support.

Nakirijja Anitah

My name is Nakirijja Anitah aged 20[By 2015] and I stay with my grandmother Nalubega Sarah in Makerere Kivulu. I am a mother to one daughter Nvanungi Madrine who is 1 year (as at March 2013).When I got pregnant, I was chased from school because of the tough regulations and pregnant girls cannot be tolerated.<br… r> HALEA has given me hope to regain my life and learn an income generating skill which I hope to use to start an income generating activity. I wish that HALEA and its sponsors will continue helping me to become financially stable. I have opted for Hair Dressing such a skill will go a long way to shape my life for a better future.
I welcome any sponsor who is willing to offer me support and help my child learn and get the basic needs as well as enable me get about $ 1,500 to buy equipment to start a hair dressing saloon, I will be grateful. 

Mbabazi Teddy

My name is Mbabazi Teddy aged 22 years [By 2015] with two kids, Asaba Angel who is 7 years and Mwiru Dickson who is 1 year old and I stay with my parents in Makerere Kivulu. The father of my children is unemployed. My 7 year old girl has never gone to school because we can not afford the basic requirements for   even the public schools.
I prefer to go for a Tailoring Course and start my fashion designing company so that I can stop begging for a living. I am seeking for sponsorship and I welcome any person or organization that can offer to pay fees for my child and enable me get tuition to enroll in a tailoring school because such skills will enable me get a job and earn a living. I will be grateful if supported. 

Namuluya Rehemah

My name is Namululya Rehemah aged 26[By 2015]and a mother to two; Matovu Treva who is 5 years old and Nakanwajji Florence who is 4 years old. I stay with my two children in Kivulu a Kampala suburb but both do not go to school. I try to survive by doing whatever job they call me for like washing people’s clothe es, baby sitting and so on.
I have joined HALEA seeking support to learn a Hair Dressing Course because with that skill I can be able to create my business and cater for my family needs. I will be grateful if my children are adopted and sponsored in their education and I look forward to having individuals willing to further sponsor my hair dressing training course. 

Kyakyo Grace

My name is Kakyo Grace aged 19 [By 2015] ,HIV positive with two kids, Nassolo Gift who is 2 years old and Byamukama David who is 2 months old( as at March 2013). The kids belong to different fathers who both refused to accept being the fathers of the kids. I stay in a “Shark”- a small iron sheet-make shift room w with no care whatsoever.
I have to beg for a living. I dropped out in P.5 and conceived 1year later, I am an orphan and I have no conducive place to stay and food is hard to get. Although I am HIV positive, I am told the baby is saved from HIV but I find it hard to feed my self and them.
Thanks to HALEA Youth Support Centre, they are giving me hope and I know I will live longer to learn hair dressing and start my own saloon, and make a good family.
I need help to achieve my dreams, and I know with your help I can make it, live longer and stay useful. I am looking forward to getting a sponsor who will enable me learn hair dressing because this will enable me take care of my self and the babies. I look forward to getting you support and get a new lease of life. Thanks to you all.

Kakyo is Sponsored !

Dear readers. We are proud to let you know that Grace Kakyo managed to get AAI sponsor her one year course in hair dressing at Pearl Vocational Training College.  In addition she also obtained a subsistence sponsorship from Ms Lily Rice who currently supports her medication and other related needs. We are proud of Ms Lily Rice and the Atheist Alliance International. Grace now has lots of hope to achieve her dreams regardless of the insurmountable challenges she has been facing through out her life. In the photos here, Ms Lily Rice shares some time with Grace Kakyo in her room and she shows her the medication she takes to stay alive. With science and positive thinking, every thing is possible. We are currently looking for sponsorship of $1000 to enable Grace Kakyo start up a beautification Saloon as soon as she is done with her studies. Your support is still very vital.

Grace Kakyo photos

Lilly Rice is shown the medication Grace Kakyo takes.This is Grace’s room.

Kakyo 1
Grace Kakyo explains to Lily Rice how the HIV medication and feeding helps her survive.
Kakyo 2
Lily Rice, Grace Kakyo and friends
Kakyo 3
Kakyo Grace at Pearl Vocational Training College in her School Uniform
Grace in her Pearl Uniform at the College.
Grace in her Pearl Uniform at the College.

Nassali Catherine

My name is Nassali Catherine aged 18[By 2015] and I am a student at Kampala Students Centre in S.3. I stay with my mother Nalubega Rose in Makerere Kivulu and my daughter Akin Melisa who is 9 months old. I thank HALEA for their effort to help me in continuing with my studies.
With the counseling and guidance e from HALEA, my parents accepted me back home. My dream is to complete my education without getting pregnant again so that in future I can have a better job to take care of my child and parents.
I need lots of help from any well wisher because HALEA does not have financial ability to enable me complete school up to university let, any sponsor willing to partner with HALEA and help me complete my studies as well as giving support to my child is highly appreciated. With your support I am assured of accomplishing my set goals. 

Babirye Faridah

My name is Babirye Faridah aged 21[By 2015], I stay with the father of my child, Mr. Mike Bebaza aged 20 in Makerere Kivulu slum but he cannot provide all our needs because he is a toilet cleaner with Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) and their pay is not all that good. I left school in 2009 when I was in Se enior One (S.1) due to pregnancy and I have a 2 year old boy Akram Tumusiime.
If someone (sponsor) could help me go for a Hair Dressing Course I think it can change my life because I will be able to look for a job And since I will have practical skills I will be able to start my own saloon so that my young family can live a better life. I am told the course can take about a year and it will cost about $ 1,000.Any support is welcome. 

Nakamate Esther

My name is Nakamate Esther, I am 21 years old [By 2015] and dropped out of school in S.1 in 2009 from Kampala High School. I stay with my grandmother Nanfuka Mariam in Makerere Kivulu II. I have one Daughter whose name is Shatra Nanyange and she is 2 years & 3months old( by March 2013).
I am looking forw ward to having a sponsor who could help me have a Hair Dressing Course and start earning my own income that can help me sustain our family and also help fellow young mothers acquire the skill, I know I will get a practical skill and start a new and better life. Any support to enable m. learn air dressing is welcome.  

Nanyonjo Catherine

My name is Nanyonjo Catherine, I am 20 years old[By 2015] and I dropped out of school in S.3 when I was 17. I stay with my mother Nakibuuka Betty. I have one child named Ssebakide Fabian who is 1 year old( by March 2013).
I prefer to have practical skills in Hair Dressing that may help us in future. All my   hopes are in HALEA’s linking me a sponsor to facilitate my course so that I and my family can have a better future. Kindly support me to study hairdressing course and start a new and better life, I know I will be able to help many other underprivileged girls learn hair dressing skills too once I set up a saloon . Many thanks. 

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