Pearl Vocation Training College is a Privately Owned  registered secular organization founded in 2014 as a humanist initiative to empower the marginalized and forgotten people including HIV Orphaned Children, Impoverished Youth, Abandoned and Widowed Women and Young Mothers in the rural setting of Uganda. We are a grassroots Community Empowerment Organization that exists on non-political, non-denominational, and non-sectarian principles. We seek to offer sustainable development strategies through handling local challenges using local solutions with the support of our international and local partners.

VISION: To be a leading Academic institution that provides excellence in vocational and technical education to the most vulnerable and deserving Individuals in Uganda.

MISSION STATEMENT: To provide evidence based education through skills that promote critical thinking, innovativeness and self reliance.

ULTIMATE GOAL: To motivate and empower all students to achieve their personal best, to become inquiring, critical, knowledgeable, lifelong learners and self reliant individuals striving to create a peaceful world through the application of science and reason.


As a people that yearn to empower other people live better and as humanists that love to make a world a better place for all, our core values guide us to:

  • Provide service that respects and promotes the human dignity of all regardless of sex, colour, race, ethnicity and religious affiliation.
  • Be a team of people helping people live better and help more other people by providing skills that work beyond the classroom.
  • To respect the family, culture, social customs and values of the local people but at the same time encouraging them to embrace reason and discard all such beliefs and practices that promote hate and discrimination.
  • To respect the beliefs of the people we serve; although we believe in freedom to belief and the freedom not to believe, we never impose our beliefs on others but we shall work together in harmony to achieve sustainable development of our communities, one village at a time.
  • Promote development that empowers the whole person through a scientific, rational and ethical approach that enables our learners to think and reason for themselves instead of relying on scientifically unproven theories, writings and assumptions.
  • To turn our successful beneficiaries into our long term partners that will in turn benefit more others to better themselves hence creating a community of a people helping other people to live and do better.
  • Promote transparency and accountability in whatever we do and ensure that our beneficiaries participate in hands on program and projects designing and implementation and have a sense of pride and ownership of the activities we do.


We teach our students how to ask vital questions, we teach them to respect the scientific method. We are not at war with Allah, God or the gods so we do not teach them to reject Allah, gods or God but we enable them to understand how religion works without pressurizing them to adopt a non religious stance for themselves. We encourage open and critical thinking and unfettered explanation of ideas without forcing dogma on our learners. We believe that by encouraging them to think and reason, the practical skills they learn within and beyond the classroom will enable them live better and help more and thus become a people helping people and as they wonder more, they will live better and help more.


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